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I'm a 20 year old studying law in Nottingham who also lives in South West London. I started this little space in January 2016 with the intention for it to be a hobby whilst I'm studying. Now, I spend a lot of time creating posts that are all about beauty, lifestyle, blogging etc. Why? I enjoy it. I've never had a hobby before or something that is just mine, so I'm proud to say I have my own little space on the internet!

I also have a YouTube channel (that's a hint for you to check it out), which I started in January 2017. Once my exams are done, I will be doing weekly vlogs and two other videos a week, whilst posting on here every Sunday.


If you wish to contact me, whether it's about collaboration, events or just a general question, please feel free to email me on 
You are also more than welcome to contact me via: 


All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise underneath the particular photo. If you would like to use any of my photos on your social media, please credit otherwise I will ask for it to be taken down. If you would like to use a photo on your own blog, please ask in advance. 
All the products I post about are bought with my own money unless stated otherwise. If a brand/PR team send me products, I will state that at the beginning of every post. Note that even if the product has been sent to me, all opinions are my own and are not influenced by the brand/PR team in any way. I wouldn't want to influence any of you to spend money on products I do not like of course. 
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