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Most Hyped Up Products: Are They REALLY Worth It? June 2017

Monday, 12 June 2017
Most Hyped Up Products: Are They REALLY Worth It? June 2017

You will never guess what, I am so easily persuaded to buy products. When someone says that they love a certain product, I just want to buy it straight away to see if it works for me. This is why I have decided I'm going to do a series on my blog. Basically, every month I will be testing out the most hyped up products and letting you guys know about them. Sound fab? 

This product is actually relatively new and as soon as it came out, I have seen it everywhere. I think it is quite different to your everyday moisturiser. It's more liquid and sort of gel like, but not really. I find things so hard to explain! My favourite thing about this is the smell. It smells so fresh like you have just come out of the shower. More importantly, it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. It sinks right into my skin very quickly and doesn't leave any sort of stickiness on your face. I also love the fact that it has three different ones for three different types of skin: combination, oily and dry. I have the combination one. This, along with my Moisture Bomb moisturiser, are my favourite. 

Does this even need a review? The most hyped up eyebrow product of all time right? The one thing I have to say is be careful when you are using it for the first time. I dipped my brush right in not realising that it the product is really soft and I had WAY too much product. You only need the tiniest little bit and it goes a long way. I have the shade dark brown, which luckily is the perfect shade for me. It's more on the ashy side but a very natural dark brown colour. My favourite thing about this is that you can make your eyebrows look very natural, or very "Instagram". Even though it is £15, I really think it is worth it as it will last you a long time. 

Well of course this is another product that doesn't really need a review by me. Just because it is so good and so loved by so many people. This powder is life changing. It is so soft and doesn't look cakey AT ALL. If you just want to powder your face, you only need a small amount to cover your whole face. I also tried baking under my eyes and I definitely noticed that the powder brightened up my under eye a little bit. My concealer for the very first time in my entire life did not crease AND it stayed on all day. This is the most pricey product but it is 100% worth it. 

This primer is clear so it doesn't add any sort of coverage, which is something I prefer. When I bought this, I had in mind that I have a really oily nose, so I thought it would work perfectly for it. I haven't tried many primers so I can't compare really, but I was quite happy with this. I much prefer this to the Benefit Porefessional, not sure why but it really didn't work on my skin. This left my skin feel so even and smooth. This is quite mattifying but I wouldn't say completely, so I wear this when I don't fancy a glowy look. It definitely makes my foundation look a bit more seamless and easy to apply. 

Got to be honest, the one thing I was really disappointed about is the shade range. I could only find 3 shades: light, medium and dark. As I am really pale, I struggle finding light enough products already, let alone when they only have like 3 shades available. Anyway, this somehow matches the shade of foundation I wear, but it is definitely not brightening for me. Coverage wise, I don't think it is as good as the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but it definitely is up there with the best drugstore concealers. It is also very light on your skin so it doesn't go cakey. 

Okay I sort of messed up a little bit oops. When I was purchasing this online I thought there was only one highlighting palette in the gold packaging. It turns out there is not. The palette that was raved about was the Solstice Palette, and as you can see from the heading, I purchased the Cleopatra's Kiss Highlighting palette. Anyway, might as well give this a little review. I am really impressed with this to be honest. The cream ones are definitely more sparkly than the powder ones, but they work incredibly well on your skin. Very easy to blend and it looks gorgeous. Layering the shades can make them really pop. If you use the cream one first then put a powder highlighter on top, it makes your highlighter POP. Even though I didn't intend to purchase this one, I will definitely use this a numerous amount of time. 

Let me know which of the products you have tried and which are your favourite!

Also, I have a video going up tomorrow of me trying these products and more so subscribe to my YouTube Channel to not miss it! 

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