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Instagram Themes & How I Edit My Photos

Sunday, 5 March 2017
Instagram Themes and How I Edit My Photos

Instagram Photos
Where do I even start about Instagram... I have seen people talking about this a lot recently and it made me think more about the world of Instagram. Thinking about it right, the photos you see on Instagram affect the way you see things. They effect the way you see yourself. I think we have all been there at one stage in our lives where we wanted to look like an "Insta girl". What is an "Insta girl" though? Is it the girl with long curly hair, perfect eyebrows, perfect eyeliner and big lips? Probably. That's how our generations sees things, and what the younger generation look up to.

Not long ago I spent the whole day watching videos and reading posts about how people edit their Instagram photos. That's when I realised that majority of the photos we see are so edited, that they aren't really real anymore. If you do enough editing, you can make yourself look completely different to what you look like in real life. Even by just adjusting the exposure and contrast can make you look different. I know because I do it too. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with people spending ages editing their photos, if that's what you want to do then do it. But the issue here is, everyone needs to remember that just because something looks amazing in a photo, doesn't mean it looks the same way in real life. So you might be comparing yourself to something/someone that doesn't even really exist. Mind blowing right?

Instagram Themes
Regarding themes... I don't even know what to say. I started Instagram with no theme back in the day when it was new, and I really enjoyed it. Then when I started blogging I changed my theme to all white, and I still really enjoyed it. My photos weren't amazing but I was still loving it. Then I decided to change to quite dark and coloured photos, which is where I started to feel a bit more stressed out with Instagram. Then changed to a mix of light and dark photos with the saturation low, which again, made me feel stressed. Now, I have bright and colourful photos. I wish I was the sort of person that could stick to a theme, but I love too many too much.

However, I need to make this clear, it is NOT necessary to have a theme. Do what YOU want to do with your feed. Changing to colourful and bright photos has made me feel so much happier with my Instagram. Yes I sort of have a theme now (well trying), but it's not a strict theme. I still post whatever I want, I just edit them in a pretty similar way.

The Apps I Use
Colour Story
This is the first app I use when I am editing. I only use this for the filters really and I mainly use the filter "everyday", which really makes the colours pop. It's a really good app, and I believe that app is actually by another blogger/s. However, you have to pay for most of the filters, just like VSCO cam, but they still have some good free ones.

I'm pretty sure everyone uses this app for mainly one thing, whitening. It is the perfect app to get those perfectly white backgrounds that everyone has. That's all I use the app for really. It's a great editing app if you want to edit certain details, like getting rid of pimples etc. if that's what you're interested in!

Yes of course I use this?! I don't know one person that has never used this app. They have some great filters which is where I used to get my filters from, however now, I use it for brightening, contrast, sharpening etc. It's the perfect tool.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this random post about Instagram, I also did a video on how I edit my photos, if you actually want to see me edit, with some more rambling about themes. Just click here to watch it!
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