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Welcome 2017

Sunday, 1 January 2017
Welcome 2017

Who is excited for 2017?! I know I am. 2016 has been a strange year for me, seriously strange. Actually no, it was awful. Apart from starting my blog and going on holiday with my girls, nothing else exciting has really happened. It was a bad mental health year for me, I made mistakes and terrible things happened. So yea, clearly I'm excited for a new year to start. 

I'm not one of those people to have New Year's resolutions because I feel like if you want to make a change, you shouldn't have to wait until the new year. I have had some in the past to do with exercising more, eating better or spending less money on pointless stuff, but I never stuck to them so I thought there was no point. 

However, the start of 2017 couldn't be better timing for me to make a change. I refuse to make large drastic changes as I know I will never stick to them, so I've decided to make small changes that will benefit me now, and in the future. Maybe later on in the year I'll decide to make more small changes etc. but I feel like this method will definitely last a lot longer and will benefit me more. Obviously, I'm not judging if you are making a huge change in the new year, that is amazing and I am so happy for anyone who is giving it a go, really! It's just for me, I know that doesn't work. 

First small change I'm making is to try not to get so angry all the time. I get frustrated about the smallest things, and I've noticed that since I've been at uni. I literally get angry over someone leaving a mug on the table and it puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. That isn't right. I shouldn't let little things like this get to me. When I feel myself getting angry, I've decided I'm just gonna sit for a minute or two, breathe and try to relax. I know that's something that may not 100% get rid of my frustration, but at least I will feel calmer. Then, I'm gonna just try keep myself busy until I know I don't care about it anymore. This might sound silly for some of you, but that's just what I'm like! 

Second small change I'm going to make is stay organised. I am already quite an organised person anyways, but I have decided to step up my game. I've bought a 2017 organiser, where I have a monthly plan, weekly diary, notes section and meal plan. I basically want all my planning in one thing, so I can take that one thing with me everywhere instead of having different diaries and notebooks for different things. I need to stay on top of my uni work this year, as I know I am going to be extremely busy. I have planned time slots on different days where I am going to uni work, have some time for myself, blogging etc. Obviously, there are going to be things which are going to come up, so I need to learn how to prioritise. 

Last change I am going to make is to put more effort into everything. That includes blogging, uni work, friends, family and me. I've been doing uni work carelessly and now it has hit me that I have no idea what is going on. My blog has been so up and down that when I look back, it makes me feel disappointed in myself. I need to put more time towards myself. I feel like this is one of the most important things to do. 

To some, these changes might sound big, but I am doing them in small steps. Basically this year I am kicking myself up the bum a little, and really gonna start working towards what I really want to do. Although I have no idea what exactly that is yet, by doing this, I might figure it out who knows. One of the things I would love to do is start a YouTube channel (yes, here we go), but I do. I am just so scared about it for so many reasons, but who knows. I've told myself I need to do at least one thing this year that scares me! 

Just want to say a happy new year to everyone who has read this, and I wish you luck with any resolutions or changes you are trying to make. It will happen, you just got to give it a go right?! 

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