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How To Stay Organised In 2017

Sunday, 15 January 2017
how to stay organised in 2017

New year means a new diary and a new way to stay organised right? Every year I buy a new plain week-to-view diary to stay on top of uni, blogging and general life. This year, I decided to research into how I can change things around a bit to be even more organised. I watched a lot of videos, read loads of blog posts to then decide to buy this Kikki-k planner. Isn't it just stunning?! 

how to stay organised in 2017
how to stay organised in 2017

One thing I have to say, It's HUGE. It's definitely too big and heavy to carry this around with you everywhere you go, but I generally just leave my diaries on my desk anyway so doesn't bother me. The pages inside are roughly A5 which I thought was perfect as I do write a lot. But the main reason why I decided to get a planner instead of a diary is that you can really personalise it. You can take pages out and put new pages in so you have everything in the order you want it to be. Another great thing about this is if you have loose paper, you can keep it in this diary inside the pockets. You can really keep everything in one place which was my intention. 

how to stay organised in 2017
how to stay organised in 2017

Now lets talk about how I'm actually using this planner. You get 7 dividers inside and a page of stickers for labelling the dividers. I've decided to divide my planner in this order:

- Calendar - month overview for work, changes to uni timetable and important events 
- Weekly - a week-to-view diary for work due in and anything I am doing that day. I've also made a week plan on an A4 page where I plan my day such as what time I need to wake up, when I have uni, a to do list for that day. 
- To Do - overall to do list. I pretty much write anything I know I need to get done but hasn't got a due date or I haven't figured out when I'm going to do it. 
- Blog - Monthly overview of my post plans.
- Blog Bits - a checklist of what I need to do per post, a table of brands I have worked with, blogging ideas.
- Meals + Expenses - meal plans, food shopping, household shopping etc. 
- Other - technically, I haven't figured out what I am using this section for so I haven't labelled it but at the moment, I am using it for other bits that may not really go into sections or notes etc. Also spare infills I'm not using.

I am trying to really stay on top of things this year. Although I have only been using this for a week, I really feel like this has helped figure out a schedule. I find that after the Christmas holidays, I am all over the place and have no idea what I'm doing or what I need to do. Once I organised this and put everything in that I need to put in, I managed to organise my life a bit more before uni starts again. Oh and it did make me realise how behind I am with work... 

I basically write in this as soon as I think of something that I need to do. I've decided to dedicate Monday to Friday every week to uni work, then Saturdays to just blogging (and of course if I've done everything for my blog then I'll do more uni work if I need to), then Sundays to just rest and have a pamper. Everyone needs a day off right?! 

how to stay organised in 2017
how to stay organised in 2017

This planner also came with other decorative stickers, a mini to do pad, a notes pad at the back and this gorgeous gold pen which I am obsessed with. It came in the cute box which I just couldn't help take a photo of. I don't know about you, but I feel more organised already and the year has only just begun! If you don't feel that way, I would suggest in looking to get one of these. There are plenty of other ones you can get from WHSmith, Paperchase etc. 

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