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False Lash Superstar X Fibre Mascara

Sunday, 29 January 2017
False Lash Superstar X Fibre Mascara

Like probably a lot of people, I was really excited to try out a fibre mascara. This one drew my attention because it's double sided, and I love mascaras that have two different wands. I got this when it was on offer from £9.99 to £7.99 (every little helps you know).

I don't know if it's just me but I was confused on how to use it. Because it's a fibre mascara, I thought there was a specific way to get the best results, but apparently there's not, but tell me if I'm wrong! Anyway, my first thoughts on it? Hate it. I mean so far I haven't found a drugstore mascara that beats the Lash Sensational. Will I ever?

False Lash Superstar X Fibre Mascara

I curled my lashes as always, and when I saw the first wand I automatically knew I wouldn't like it. I prefer plastic wands that are curved like the Lash Sensational. However, it was actually pretty good. It made my lashes appear so much longer which I was so surprised about, but they had no volume whatsoever. When I started using the second side, that's when it all went wrong. For some reason, my lashes lost even more volume, and they started to look really messy. The lashes uncurled (if that's even possible but I promise they did). The fibres? I have no idea what happened to them. Surely they are supposed to add volume?! The length also disappeared. So I ended up with stumpy, messy and thin lashes. Definitely didn't do what it was claiming to do!

Hopefully you guys found this post some what useful. It probably will work great on some people, but for me it really didn't work. I will probably still use the first wand to lengthen my lashes then go in with the Lash Sensational to add the volume etc.

I would love to know you guys have used this mascara before and how it was for you! Also, if you have used a different fibre mascara that worked well for you, let me know!

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