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10 Tips on How to Increase Blog Views

Wednesday, 11 January 2017
Tips on How To Increase Blog Views

1. Comment on Other Blogs
I think this might be my number 1 tip for increasing blog views. Every time I go on a commenting spree, my views seem to shoot up over the next couple of days. It's so easy and simple. Go on blogs you follow already, comment on theirs then look through the comments, find other blogs and comment on theirs and so on. I must say though, I wouldn't comment "check out my blog" or anything like that as it does make some people want to avoid your blog. Only comment if you have something genuine and nice to say and of course actually read the post you're commenting on!

2. Get Involved in Twitter Chats
This is also an important tip. Twitter chats are literally amazing. They're normally about an hour long and you get involved in so many interesting topics. Not only that but you get to speak to soooo many bloggers and can even make friends that way, ask for any tips or talk about any problems that you may have. Everyone is so lovely in the chats, and there are plenty of different chats to get involved in!

3. Promote but Don't Overdo
This definitely works. I always promote on twitter using Buffer (where you can schedule tweets) as that makes it so much easier and I don't forget that way! I always tag the retweet accounts as well and most of the time they do actually retweet. A little tip with though, I would say if you do schedule your tweets, make sure you change the order around a little bit sometimes and change the actual tweets so people aren't seeing the same thing at the same time every day! Don't overdo it though, if you only promote on twitter people may be less likely to want to follow you or check out your blog.

4. Post Regularly
This is a tricky one I think. I don't mean that you need to post every day, or even every other day, you should do what you can handle and how often you want to really. However, if you leave a months gap every time, you may not attract as many readers compared to you posting once or twice a week. Regularly may mean different to different people, but just basically I would avoid leaving huge gaps of time between posts.

5. Is a Schedule Necessary?
I see a lot of people talking about this. When I first started blogging, I had a schedule where I posted every Wednesday and Sunday but after 2 or so months, I realised that I struggled to create content sometimes. This actually caused me to stress over this and blogging shouldn't be stressful, especially if it's a hobby. But then I realised my views went down a lot, although it could also be that I did start to post less. I would say that having a schedule will be good if you can handle it, however, I wouldn't stress if you missed a day or a post is slightly late. We all get it. Everyone has things that come up that are out of our control. If you feel like you just want to write when you want to write then do that. It's just personal preference I think.

6. Quality over Quantity
This is so important. A lot of people think that the more you post the more views you'll get and that's it. Of course posting a lot will bring more views, however, nothing beats quality. Quality is what attracts your readers to keep reading your blog. I would recommend spending more time on one post but post less often, than post everyday with poor quality as you are rushing it. Take your time, play around with your posts and editing. You never know you might learn something new that will make your blog stand out even more.

7. Bloglovin'
GET THIS. I cannot stress this enough. This is what keeps your readers keep reading! They can follow you on there and there will be a timeline just like Instagram, but blogs, so when you post it will come up in their timeline.

8. Reply to Comments/Engage
Replying to comments shows that you care that people are reading your blog. That it means a lot to you that they read that post. It may make them want to come back and read more if you engage with your readers. You can also find friends this way too.

9. Write About What YOU Love
You've probably read this before in one of my previous posts but I can't stress this enough, it is so important to write about what you love. Don't write about things that you think are really popular but you don't actually enjoy. It will show. If you are truly passionate about something, or you really enjoy what you post about, the views will come.

10. Enjoy It
There isn't really much to say about this really. Just enjoy blogging. Go have fun with it. Get creative. Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Don't stress about blog views. Follow these tips and your blog views will start growing, just give it time and try not to check your stats too often. It can get so addictive!
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