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Chocolate Christmas Card

Thursday, 1 December 2016
Chocolate Christmas Card

So, BLOGMAS IS HERE. I can't believe I have actually persuaded myself to do Blogmas this year. But, here we go.. 

Morse Toad kindly sent me one of their chocolate Christmas cards to try. One thing I have to point out is that the delivery service is amazing. The card came the day after I ordered it AMAZING! The main thing I was worried about is that the chocolate might get ruined on the way, but it didn't. Not one bit. The chocolate is sealed and it has quite a long expiry date so if you like to prepare early, I would recommend buying these! 

What I also like about this is that you can add your own picture on the inside bit of the lid, so you can  make it feel more personalised and can direct it to someone special. On their website, they have a huge collection of different messages, so you have plenty to choose from, or you can pick your own message, personalisation galore!! I just picked "Merry Chocolate to You" as it was one of my fave messages they had. What I love about the company is that their products aren't aimed at one person. You can literally give this chocolate card to anyone, so if you have no idea what to get someone something cute for Christmas, you know where to look! 

Onto the actual chocolate... I am so fussy when it comes to chocolate and I don't like any Dairy Milk (I know unpopular opinion), but I prefer much smoother chocolate like Galaxy or Thorntons. So I was a bit wary about trying the chocolate as normally, chocolate like this, isn't great lets be honest. However, I was seriously surprised. I'm not going to lie it's not the best chocolate I have tried, but it's a lot better than I anticipated! I would definitely recommend buying this for any chocolate lovers out there, and it's definitely worth the money! 

Speaking of money, I have been kindly given a 10% off code for you guys to use! Just use 'Angelica' at the checkout! WINNER. 

Click here for their website and check out their Instagram for more pictures!