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9 Things To Remember When You're a New Blogger

Saturday, 3 December 2016
9 Things to Remember When You're a New Blogger

1. Do It Because YOU Love It

When someone is blogging purely for "popularity" or money, you can really tell in their posts. There is no passion in their writing or photos. When I come across blogs like that, I just come off straight away and don't bother reading to be honest. It really puts me off. You can easily tell when someone is not enjoying what they are doing. So make sure that if you're new to blogging, that you actually enjoy it, then the rest will come easy!

2. You DON'T Need the Best Equipment To Do Well
Many new bloggers back in the day started out by just taking pictures on their phones, with simple template designs, and nothing else fancy. Just because now some have really good cameras, doesn't mean that you can't blog or even that you won't do well with blogging (no matter what your goal with blogging is). I know the feeling though, like I completely get it. When I see the most amazing photos or bloggers holding the Canon 70D (which I've wanted for so long btw!), it makes me want to buy one. At first, I started taking photos on my iPhone, and the iPhone camera is actually pretty good! Now I have the Olympus Pen E-PL7 which I got for Christmas last year, it's not the BEST camera, but I love it. So if you really want a camera, I would go for a cheaper camera at first. If not, your phone will do the perfect job! Just get creative, take your time and you'll be fine! 

3. Blogging Takes Up a Lot of Time
With getting props, the setting up, taking the photos, editing and writing, it does take up a lot of your time. It doesn't take just 5 minutes. Of course some posts will take longer than others, but it really depends on what you post about and what you aim to achieve. Also, if you struggle with writing for example, it will take longer for you to write than others, which is not a problem at all! Just make sure you can fit the blogging into your lifestyle, but don't stress if you have missed a few posts, everyone needs a break!

4. Don't Compare Yourself To Others
This is by far, the most common thing bloggers do. I always sit there scrolling through people's blogs and think why am I not as good as them. Especially at first when I really struggled with finding my place in the blogging world. I try not to do that anymore. Everyone is different. Always remember that the bloggers you are comparing yourself to have probably been doing this for a lot longer than you. And more importantly, they were in the exact same position as you, so don't sweat it! 

5. Post What You Want To Post
You might think that you should post about beauty and fashion because it's a very popular topic. Or you might think that you have to stick to a particular type, so for example fashion and lifestyle, or fashion and beauty. Seriously, you don't. Post about ANYTHING you want to post. Literally anything. If you fancy one day posting about your favourite foundation, then the next about a family trip you went to, or writing a post about some sort of advice, then you absolutely can! That's the amazing thing about blogging, and a great thing about being a new blogger. During this time figure out what type of blogger you want to be. If you want to stick to a particular "genre" then great! If you don't and you just want to post about what feel like, then great! 

6. Don't Be Offended If You Don't Get as Many Views as You'd Like To
I reckon this is something that people struggle with a lot. You publish your first every post and you wait... and wait... no views? That's what happened to me. After publishing 10 posts, you've had about 10 real visitors? Same. So what? Don't get me wrong I would love to wake up one morning and see over a thousand people have seen my blog overnight, but if that doesn't happen don't feel down about it. This point ties in with point 4. You can't expect to have the same amount of views as a blogger who has been blogging for over 5 years, and has worked incredibly hard. The day will come where you will get increasingly more views, just be patient! 

7. Be Yourself
This sort of ties with point 5. This is probably the best advice anyone could ever give you with blogging. Just be yourself. Have the layout of your blog the way you want it, and not the way that is popular across blogs. This also comes with social media. If you be yourself, then it will really show on your blog. You will seem different than other bloggers and you will enjoy it so much more! 

8. Don't Worry About What Other People Think
THIS. This has been my biggest main thought throughout. I was SO scared to show my blog to anyone, or to even mention that I had a blog. I was too scared to post it on my social media, in case people thought things I didn't want them to think. If that's how you're feeling, I'd say take it slow. Maybe start telling a few close friends or family about it, so you get used to talking to people about it. Then start posting on social media after a while, talk to other bloggers and the more often you do it the easier it gets! But don't rush anything, it will take time just like it did for me. If you really enjoy it, it's all worth it! 

9. Never Give Up For The Wrong Reasons!
This is the most important point in my opinion. If you suddenly feel really down about your blog, don't give up! If you can't think of anything to post, still don't give up! We have ALL been there at one point. Just take a break from everything. Go away for a week and relax. Have a chilled day at home or maybe do something different for a day. This will refresh the way you think and spark some inspiration! The amount of times I felt like just giving up and stopping, just because I felt really low about it and didn't feel proud, but I'm so glad that I didn't! If you have bloggers block, have a read through other blogs or even watch YouTube videos, they might give you an idea. Never give up you can do it! 
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