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The Lip Balm That is Not Just a Lip Balm

Monday, 3 October 2016
Multi-Purpose Lip Balm Dr Paw Paw

Not gonna lie, I never really venture out in different lip balms. I have my standard Carmex that I use which is amazing for dry lips. That stuff I can say I am obsessed with as I use it religiously. 

Dr. Paw Paw kindly sent me their 3 lip balms for me to try and see what I think. I remember seeing the yellow one around somewhere so I definitely recognised the brand. When I received the products, the first thing I thought was, the lip balms are pretty big. Like you get tons of product from them so one lip balm will last you a life time! That is a one handy treat as like I said, I never really buy lip balms. 

I read the front bit of the packaging of the pink one and it says “for lips, cheeks and cosmetic finishing with a hint of tint, fragrance free.” Now I heard of lip balms before that you can use on your cheeks etc. but I was never really interested in them. However, I thought if I’m going to try the product, I’m gonna do it properly. 

I’ve been using all three of them in turns for just under a week now, and honestly they work wonders on your lips. Bearing in mind, not only the weather is colder so my lips are DRY, but I’m also ill so my lips are even more dry than normal (ew I know). What I love the most about these products, none of them are sticky. I’ve got a big hate toward sticky lip glosses and lip balms. These are not sticky AT ALL. 

Now onto the face… I have never used a liquid for a blush so I wouldn’t be able to compare this to other products. I did my make up as normal but instead of putting a powder blush on, I used the pink and red lip balms. I used the pink balm first and it didn’t add that much colour, but it was still slightly noticeable so if you like a very subtle blush, I would 100% recommend the pink lip balm. However, if you do like a little bit more of colour, I would recommend using the red lip balm. Don’t worry, it doesn’t look bright red on the cheeks, it just shows slightly more colour than the pink one. 

Overall, I really like this product. It can also be used for other purposes such as to moisturise part of really dry skin, on sun burn and as a conditioner. I personally wouldn’t use this as a conditioner but a great way to use this on your hair is put a bit on the ends when your hair is wet or even using it to gloss your hair when you are styling it. It’s such a multi-purpose product and so affordable why wouldn’t you purchase it?! 

Click here to go on their website or click here to purchase the 3 lip balms! 

Have you used this before or have used other great similar products?