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Natural Hand and Body Wash You Need To Try

Thursday, 15 September 2016
Natural Hand and Body Wash

Natural Hand and Body Wash

Natural Hand and Body Wash

Do you only use cruelty free and vegan products? You need to try these out!

Greenfrog Botanic has kindly sent me two of their products to try out. Bearing in mind, I have never used products that are so natural, I genuinely love these. When I first opened them, honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to like them. When I first opened them to see what they smell like, I wasn't sure if I liked the smell. They both have a very strong smell but very natural. So I was very sceptical about using these..

However, as soon as I started using these products I genuinely fell in love. They are so delicate on the skin and the smell they leave is very fresh and clean (I am terrible at describing scents sorry). They both leave your skin so soft and whilst I have been using these products I haven't had to moisturise as often which is a plus!

Their products are made with botanical soap and sourced from the Himalayas (such a cool name I know). The products are moisturising, cleansing, soft and also mood enhancing and are all 100% natural and chemical free. These products are perfect for people who suffer with delicate skin! 

I would seriously recommend trying these out if you haven't already! 

Visit their website to find out what other products they have:

Have you used any natural products that you love?