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3 Simple Steps to Edit Instagram Photos

Sunday, 10 July 2016

I've had a number of people ask me how I edit my Instagram pictures and I have no idea why because personally I feel like I'm awful at editing photos. Also, I love seeing how people edit their Instagram photos especially if they have a specific theme going on. My theme is more on the white and bright side...if ya know what I mean! 

Anyways, you can see the before and after above so you can see the difference and probably realise why I need to edit my photos.. To edit, I only use two apps: Facetune and VSCO. They are literally the best apps for editing photos as they have everything you need. 

1. Whiten

Ever wondered how people on Instagram have really white bedsheets? This is how. All you do, is go on Facetune then whiten, and brush over all the bits you want to whiten (and there is an eraser for when you make a mistake). I usually do that twice so the white looks super white in my photos. Can you see the difference below? 

2. Theme

Next step: theme. I am obsessed with the HB1 theme on VSCO cam. Literally amazing. It is free but you do have to download it on the app, strange I know. OMG, has anyone updated the VSCO app recently?! I really don't like change and I'm not enjoying it either. 

3. Exposure, Contrast and Temperature

Decided to put all three in one step as there's really not much to say to be honest. The exposure changes constantly in different photos as it all depends on the photo itself. However contrast I always put it up by one and temperature move it down by down. I just think that is enough really. 

There you go, that's how I edit my Instagram photos. It's super easy, quick and completely free. Are there any apps you use to edit your Instagram photos?

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