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2 MAC Lipsticks You Need

Monday, 6 June 2016
Just want to point out that I have no exams left! I am completely finished with first year of university and omg, I could not be any more happier! Anyway, back to the post. These two lipsticks have been extremely popular for ages, and recently I got a new set of them so I thought what a perfect opportunity to take pictures with unused lipsticks?

2 Best Mac Lipsticks
2 Best MAC Lipsticks
Best MAC Lipsticks
Best MAC Lipsticks Swatch

Now let me tell ya, these colours are beautiful. If you haven't tried these lipsticks or heard of them where have you been?! These are seriously the 2 MAC lipsticks you need, and why? Because they go with everything and at whatever time of year. What I love about MAC lipsticks is that they are such good quality. They stay on for ages and are so pigmented. The swatch above is the darkest I could make them, so you could see how dark they could be. However, for a more natural look, all you have to do is pat the lipstick on your lips gently (I know sounds weird) and voila. 

The painful thing about MAC is yes, it is quite expensive. Especially for someone who is still studying and doesn't have a full time job. Unfortunately, as much as I'd love to, I don't have a huge collection of MAC products, to be honest all I have is a few lipsticks but that's all I need and I'm more than happy with that. What I do is treat myself every once in a while and make sure it doesn't blow my budget. As you know, living away at uni and scrambling to find some money for food is quite stressful.

The good thing about MAC? Well, apart from what I mentioned above about the lipsticks, you can go in any MAC store to swatch any colour of lipstick yourself. There is never any missing ones (well I haven't seen any missing ones anyway). 

What are they called? Brave and Whirl.