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5 Reasons to Start a Bullet Journal

Saturday, 14 May 2016
So I gave in, and have started my very own bullet journal. When I first heard about the bullet journal, I didn't really see much point in it as I was perfectly happy with an ordinary week-to-view diary. I felt that it was too artistic for me and way too complicated. I enjoyed the ordinary ticking once things are done and writing in the notes section if I needed more room to write. Now that revision period has started (I am so stressed omg), I felt that it was time for a change and fetch myself a new diary, or some other way I can stay on top of my revision. 

I researched quite a bit into the bullet journal and although it looked so complicated I decided to give it a go. Guess what, I never looked back! 

5 Reasons to Start a Bullet Journal

1. Ridiculously Organised
If you're someone like me, that loves to stay on top of things, likes to know what you have to do that day and just likes to have everything organised, you will love the bullet journal. The different bullets really help organise what it what in your diary. The fact that you can have a year view, monthly view and daily view really helps in organising future events, tasks and everything in between. 

2. Have It However You Like
This idea I love. Basically, you can literally have anything you want in there. You can have it as organised as you want, or as all over the place as you want. You can include note sections whenever you want, have 5 pages for just doodling, have 2 pages for one day etc. You can literally make it however you want. At the moment I have an index (which is so so helpful), a year to view, a month to view with note section for that month, then make room for the daily tasks. I also have a goals page, a twitter chats page and a blogging ideas page. So yea, you can have whatever you want. 

3. Get Creative
Now, I'm not the most artistic person, but I do enjoy a bit of colouring and decorating once in a while. I have colour coded days and months so it adds a bit of colour to my journal, but also drew tiny pictures of things that represent that month. You can decorate it however you want inside. I've seen some beautiful bullet journals where they have drawn loads of pictures everywhere and it looks so cute, and I've seen journals which are more simple yet look so lovely and professional. 

4. A Bit of Me Time
When I get up in the morning, I usually do the regular stuff of showering etc. then I sit own at my desk and write in my bullet journal. Anything that comes to mind that I have to do that day, or anything I have to remember. I might add some drawings or just a bit of colour, maybe add a new page. That is YOUR time to just sit down and get organised. It actually helps me feel a bit more relaxed knowing that I have the day organised. I also know people that do this the night before, which I also think it's a good idea. 

5. Something That YOU Made
This last point is something that I just thought of. The bullet journal is something that YOU made. It shows your personality, how you like things, makes it feel likes it's just yours. You've made it pretty much from scratch, it's something to be proud of right? 

Sadly, I'm going to be taking a break from blogging until my exams are over, as you know education and all that. Let me know if you have a bullet journal and any other reasons to have one! 

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