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Weekend Away Idea Guarantees To Relax You

Saturday, 30 April 2016

All the hard work at university, blogging and still having a social life can really catch up with you. I have been extremely tired recently. Tired of everything, even from being on social media a lot. Tired from my own personal issues and tired from stress. I'm being negative I know. 

On the plus side, I went away for a long weekend with the boyfriend's family. It was so relaxing and extremely refreshing. We didn't go too far from my home town so it wasn't a pain travelling. We ended up staying in a beautiful cottage with plenty of space and a huge garden. It was beauuuuutiful. 

Anyways, I put my phone away and pretty much cut myself off from the internet and just spent time with everyone, doing things I haven't done for a while like playing family games. I LOVE games, is anyone else as competitive as I am? There was a pool table where I basically lived at the whole weekend, defo going to buy one when I'm older.

We had delicious big breakfasts, lunches and dinners (we did get chinese takeaway one night of course). On Saturday, we went to have a look at Cambridge and Ely. Still not going on my phone apart from when I was taking pictures. Sunday we had a walk around the area where the cottage was. It was all just green. To me, not that interesting but I found it so relaxing! I never knew how refreshing it was to have a walk down the country side. 

If you are feeling stressed or just really knackered from every day life, I would 100% recommend going away to a cottage. There are plenty of amazing sites which have cottages you can rent out for a few days or weeks in really lovely places. I think it's a perfect get away. It's something completely different, in a completely different place and you are surrounded by the people you love. What more could you want? Cut social media out of your life for a few days. Trust me, it does make a difference. Everyone needs a break right? 

Tell me, have you been away anywhere recently? 

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