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Thursday, 17 March 2016
New Look and Primark bits
Two Large Primark Candles
Primark Rose Gold Necklace

I went shopping yesterday and I actually felt so disappointed. I barely found anything I like! Maybe I just don't know how to look, which is so annoying because when I read other people's posts or watch their youtube videos, they seem to have a bunch of lovely stuff. 

The main thing I LOVE is the New Look Khaki Jacket. This jacket is a lot different to the other ones I've seen. It's really lightweight and really thin which is perfect for the spring/summer. I got it in a larger size as I prefer them jackets being a bit oversized, plus the sized did feel quite small anyway! It has a gold zip which I love because I don't wear anything silver ever! This khaki jacket would look lovely with white jeans, can't wait to wear it! 

Everything else I bought is from Primark. I LOVE Primark. I must say, it can be so difficult to find stuff that I actually like, but when I do it's a win win as it's so affordable! They have a lovely selection of candles in at the moment, so if you can't afford the Yankee candles like me, I would check out Primark. The red candle in the tin smells amazing, it's a very sweet smell but refreshing at the same time (someone teach me how to describe smells!). This is also perfect as once you burnt it out, you can use it as a little storage for jewellery or something, so you basically get 2 in 1! The Pink Grapefruit candle from Primark smells so refreshing with a little bit of sweetness and burns up to 60 hours. 

The next thing I got from Primark is the rose gold necklace. It's a very small necklace, with a little diamond in the middle which I bought as an every day necklace. Last but not least the sunglasses. I had a pair very similar from River Island which I broke after a day (I know cry). They're so cute and would definitely go with every outfit, especially if you like a rose gold theme. They do sit quite low on your nose though and I can't imagine them being incredibly useful from the sun but they're so pretty! 

Links and Prices:
Primark Large Tin Candle - £3.50
Primark Pink Grapefruit Candle - £4.00
Primark Rose Gold Necklace - £1.50
Primark Sunglasses - £2.00

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