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How To Start the Day Right

Monday, 14 March 2016
If you are anything like me, you will be the most miserable person in the morning. I find it extremely hard to wake up, let alone get out of bed and get on with stuff. I have my alarm set to go off every 5 minutes for about half an hour just so I don't go back to sleep. However, I have recently started doing these things in the morning and surprisingly they have been working!

1. Sit Up
Now I don't mean sit ups that is not my thing. As soon as my alarm goes off, I sit on the side of my bed (then probably go on my phone for like 10 minutes). So instead of laying there in your bed under the duvet whilst browsing through social media, do that when you're sitting up. Strangely it helps.

2. Wash My Face
The next thing I like to do is splash some warm water on my face, use face wash then splash again with cold water. This doesn't just wake you up but also gets one skin care bit out of the way. 

3. Drink Water
You have probably heard this a million times but it really does work. I usually have a glass of cold water with half of a squeezed lemon as this feels so refreshing and gets your body ready for the day. Once you get into a routine with this, it will be weird to do anything else before this step! 

4. Get Ready
So the usual, get in the shower, the rest of skin care routine, make up and get dressed. This might feel like it's too soon to do this step but trust me, it prepares you for the rest of the day. If you're not going anywhere that day and you want to be comfy, I would recommend not getting back into PJ's. I put on some tracksuit bottoms and a vest top on. Wearing PJ's will not stop you from getting back into bed.

5. Breakfast
Now this is the time I eat breakfast. If I'm in a rush, I will usually just have some toast, porridge or cereal. When I have time I like to make a big healthy breakfast to start the day. I would definitely recommend eating eggs in the morning, they are more filling and good for you so why not!

6. Tidy Up
Once I've brushed my teeth of course, I LOVE to tidy up (please tell me if that sounds weird). I do the washing up, organise my clothes if I have to, tidy up my desk etc. This just gets me ready for the rest of the day. One thing I love is being organised, a clean desk is a clean mind to me haha. 

7. Now you're ready
What more do I have to say? You are ready to start the day! (this is where I have my coffee). 

What do you do in the morning?