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Affordable Beauty Products You Need...

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Whenever I see a post about affordable beauty products I read it straight away. Don't know about you but I love finding a bargain that does just as good of a job as a high end product. Why spend so much money on something when you can get a product that does the same thing for so much cheaper?! These bits and pieces are items that I have recently discovered or have been using for a very long time. 

Now I know what you're thinking, face wipes?! Yes, I use face wipes and yes they are from Primark. They work for me perfect and you get 2 packets for a £1. You can get different ones for different type of skin and they smell lovely. They take your make up off perfectly (maybe even better than some more expensive wipes). I know face wipes aren't the best for your skin, however, I still do other bits to my face before going to sleep. 

The Eylure Pro-Brow Dye Kit is surprisingly really good. I did just what it said on the packet and it worked, my brows looked a lot darker than before. It has been 3 weeks now and my brows still look darker so what more do you need?! 

The Supercat Eyeliner by Soap & Glory is something that I will never stop talking about. I have been using this for years now I'm sure, and it works perfectly. It's so easy to use and very pigmented and yes, affordable. 

Right, why hasn't anyone told me about H&M nail varnish?! It's actually amazing. The colours are beautiful, easy to apply and you sometimes only need one coat. They're so affordable and even though I still love Barry M, I think the H&M nail varnishes might just be slightly better! 

Again, these lashes I have been using for years. They suit for any occasion as you can make them look natural or put mascara on them to make them stand out whilst still looking good! 

Last but not least, Soap & Glory Highlighter stick. OMG. I'm actually obsessed. So affordable, so pigmented but still gives the natural shine look which is great. AMAZING. 

What affordable beauty products have you bought recently that you love?