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Primark Lip Pencils...

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Popped into Primark the other day and got some random few bits, and I had a random thought. I remembered watching a YouTube video and they bought lip pencils from Primark and recommended them. So I thought why not?

Primark had about 5-6 different colours, so I decided to get the two colours that I need to try them out. I've come to the conclusion that I actually really like them! I've never really thought about buying make-up from Primark but I'm glad I did! They are very soft and apply really easily, and the colours they have at the moment are perfect! 

I tried to do a little swatch on my hand (excuse the hair arms, I know omg), but it doesn't do it justice, the lip pencils look so much better actually on your lips. They're not too dry, not too messy and so easy to apply (I know I've said that already but omg). For a lip pencil from Primark, I'm extremely happy with these. And guess what, they are only £1 each! 

These are perfect for someone who has never used a lip pencil before as they are so cheap, or if you just want a cheaper one to carry around with you so if you lose it, it's no biggy! 

Have you tried any other Primark make-up you would recommend trying?