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Little Extras from Primark...

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The products that Primark are selling are so cute at the moment (and I know most of it is gold, copper or white!). The candles smell amazing and make your place feel like home. Now that I go to uni, I look for things to decorate my room that I will use up before I move again so I don't have so much junk. The travel flask is perfect for the early mornings and the roll on 'eau de toilette' smells so nice and it's perfect on the go! I would definitely recommend having a look in Primark as at the moment they're products are fab!

  • Travel Mug - £3.50
  • Roller Ball (Eau De Toilette) - £2.00
  • Heart Candles - £1.50
  • Candle Jar - £4.00
  • Fairy Lights - £2.00

Is there anything you've picked up recently from Primark that you love?