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Best Make-Up Brush Set

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sushi Brush Roll Credit: Spectrum Collections

So in my opinion, these are definitely on top of my favourite brush sets. When I first saw them, I obviously wanted them for how extremely nice they are but then I started to read some reviews about them and saw more and more people buying them. So I asked for them for Christmas as it was coming up and thankfully to my lovely boyfriend I got them. Let me just say, they are AMAZING.

I didn't actually use these for a few weeks after I got them just because I was too sad to use them as they just look so nice on a dressing table with all the other brushes. They definitely stand out and I love that. Once I actually started to use them, I didn't believe how good they actually are. They are so soft and apply make up perfectly. I have definitely transformed to Spectrum brushes from Nanshy which I did use for a very long time. These brushes come with a lovely "Sushi Brush Roll" as they call it which holds all your brushes in once place, ensuring that they will not get dirty or avoids losing one of them.

Enough about me going on about how much I love them, lets talk about the specs:
The 5 large brushes are:

  • Large Powder
  • Buffing Foundation
  • Flat Contour
  • Angled Powder
  • Precision Blush
The 7 small brushes are:
  • Large Fluffy Shader
  • Angled Blender
  • Tall Tapered Blender
  • Angled Brow
  • Lip Liner
  • Fine Detailer
Obviously, you don't need to use these brushes for what they are said to be made for, you can play around with them! All the brushes that Spectrum provide are vegan and cruelty free and every single one of these brushes are hand finished. 

This set is £89.99 and sadly I know, they are currently out of stock. However, if you sign up to their mailing list and follow them on social media you can know when they are back in stock as soon as possible!

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What are your favourite brush sets?