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Sleek | Contour and Highlighting Kits

Sunday, 24 January 2016

I personally have a love and hate relationship with these two products. The packaging of these are quite plain but classy which I love as I feel like they look more expensive than what they actually are and what's wrong with that ey?

Focusing on the contour kit first, it is very pigmented so you don't actually have to put a lot on your brush to use it, therefore it will last longer and essentially saving money! However, the nude and pink  colours do look like they have a slight shimmer on them, the shimmer doesn't actually show up. So if you like more of a matte look then this would be perfect. The brown colour can actually look a lot darker on your face than what it looks like in the palette which I love as you are able to build the colour up and make as dark as you need it to be or as light as you need it to be. The pink shows up a lovely natural pink on your cheeks which is great for the wintery blushed look. However, the one negative thing I must say about this palette is that it can be quite hard to blend. This may be because I'm doing it wrong, or using the wrong brush etc, but for me personally, if I put too much product on it tends to be really difficult to blend it in properly. 

Now last but not least the highlighting kit. This is my very first highlighting kit I have bought, so I'm unable to compare it to anything else. I must say the little brush is very disappointing so I would advise on investing in a proper highlighting brush. The blue and the grey colours are not for me, the grey is more a gel texture and the blue slightly shows up on your face, which is great if you're dressing up as Elsa or something! Whereas I love the look of the white and pink colours. The pink does show up so I use it on my cheek bones once I have used a blush to make my cheeks look even more rosy, or I just use it by itself which gives again, a lovely natural blush. The white colour I mainly use on my brow bones and a tiny bit of my nose to make them stand out. 

If anyone has any recommendations on what I should buy, or anything else you'd like to add then please leave a comment!
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    1. They are so lovely aren't they! I will be doing a post one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes from Sleek soon too which is lovely :)