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Primark Fashion Haul

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Primark is just such a handy shop. I love it. And yes I know Primark may not have best quality products, but you can always find something in there every time you shop there and it's so cheap! The pieces above are things I picked up the other day so they should still be in store. Annoyingly, Primark doesn't have an online website where you can do online shopping so I can't link anything!


  • Earrings: £2
  • Gloves: £1.50
  • Grey Turtleneck: £3
  • Khaki Lace Up Top: £8
  • First Rose Gold Necklace: £4
  • Second Rose Gold Necklace: £1.50
Is there any bits you've picked up in Primark recently you love?