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A little about me...

Sunday, 17 January 2016
So hey,

My first blog post, yay! To get my blog started, this post is gonna be mainly about me as you can probably tell from the title.

So I guess one of the questions I have been asked previously is why am I blogging publicly instead of writing somewhere personal. The answer to that is I want to share my posts with the internet. I love reading other people's blogs and seeing what they get up to, how they do their make up etc. There are also many blogs that help you cope with things in your life that aren't so great which I feel is so meaningful. Blogs have actually helped me cope through certain things in my life and I've learnt some amazing things so I guess my main reason for writing publicly is that I wanna do all those things too.

My main theme for my blog will be mainly beauty, lifestyle and a little bit of fashion. Now I'm not a professional make up artist, so don't expect amazing quality make up! However the beauty part of my blog won't be just about make up, my posts will contain all things beauty related so there will be a mixture of things on here. Apart from that, there will probably random posts about outfits, somewhere nice I've been, advice on anything I strongly feel about and random things I've bought so there will be a huge variety of posts to read!

Through this blog, I would love to connect with people who are also interested in blogging, or anyone who is interested in the things I write. It's possible to meet some of the most amazing people through blogging that you instantly connect with which is one of the things I would love to experience!
2 comments on "A little about me..."
  1. Good Luck with your new blog! I was so nervous to start a public blog as I'm usually such a shy person, but the blogging community is amazing. :)
    xo April | April Everyday

    1. aw thank you so much! Same actually, I've been wanting to do it for so long and I have officially done it so proud haha, I love your blog by the way especially the food section :)